Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law is a vital tool in the creation and protection of dynamic business assets. Intellectual Property is one of the significant legal fields in Nepal as well as in the world. It became more significant in Nepal after signing of the WTO. The specialized and immediate legal assistance is required as many problems have arisen due to the fast changing and modern revolution in the field of information technology. The function of intellectual property in various businesses is now increasing over a wide range of industries. It is essential that companies consider developing mechanisms to protect and manage their IP to ensure the survival and growth of their businesses worldwide.

In Nepal the IP law is mainly governed by The Patents, Trademarks and Design Act, 1965 and Copyright Act, 2002. Nepal is the member of the international organization and treaties:

Our team combines dedicated IP specialists and counsels experienced in IP litigation.
We undertake all types of intellectual property advice including:
Copyright and related rights including database rights
Design protection
Industrial Design

Our clients range from large enterprises, to charities, individuals and entrepreneurs. We provide a full service from the acquisition, exploitation and protection of intellectual property, through to its commercial use and the handling of infringement and other contentious issues.