Media and Mass Communication Law

Information Technology and media are fast paced and dynamic sectors that often require specialist legal advice. We advise IT and media clients who are involved in areas such as new media, advertising, entertainment, publishing, communications, film, TV and PR. We have expertise in dealing with regulatory and commercial issues faced by new and innovative technologies in the IT space and also advise on legal aspects of social media and user-generated content on websites and on new media aspects of defamation.

Areas in which we advise include:
Commercial contracts and agreements (including marketing, publishing, supply and distribution agreements, confidentiality agreements and consumer contracts)
Communications regulation
Software development contracts
Technology asset protection
Copyright and related rights
Digital marketing
Data protection, data retention and Freedom of Information Act matters
Image rights, brand protection, endorsement and sponsorship
Trademarks, patents
Export and Import of sensitive technology
Outsourcing (including multinational agreements and high value transactions)
In addition to specialist legal advice, clients are able to access a wide range of commercial legal services within the firm, providing solutions which meet a variety of business needs. This includes advising clients on a wide range of corporate and employment law matters, litigation (from IP litigation to defamation and privacy issues, marketing, supplier and contractual disputes), and all areas of commercial property. In addition, we also provide legal services relating to advertisement.